Flores Overland Trip

Flores Overland Trip will show you the beauty of Flores Island from wester Part to the eastern part. Flores Overland Trip consist of culture, nature, and marine park. About cultural tourism, it can be seen with their traditional village on the island of Flores. Shape and pattern of the traditional house is also very different from one another. Because Flores Island consists of several parts which have different cultural backgrounds. Besides that, every tribe on the island of Flores also has its own mother language. So Flores Island so well known for its cultural plurality.

Regarding the nature and the sea, it can be seen with some of the natural attractions that are well known, one of them is Kelimutu Lake that has three craters, and each crater has three different colors of water. In addition to the famous Kelimutu Lake, Flores Island also has the Komodo National Park and Marine Park of Riung and everything is very worth to visit.

Flores Overland Trip In doing this, we can start from the Most western direction, namely Labuan Bajo, or from the east which Maumere or Ende. For more information about Flores Overland Trip, please check some of our travel plans bunk below:

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